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Learning the Dutch Language and picking up Dutch vocabulary is easier than you might think. As with every language, the key is to start building knowledge of words. Dutch Bubble Bath is here to help you do that.

Whether you are traveling to the Netherlands, Aruba, or anywhere else Dutch is spoken . . . why not give yourself a few hours to pick up some words and phrases.

The biggest problem people have with learning new languages is that it is ... boring... zzzzz...

Dutch Bubble Bath is here to change that. We worked hard to give you a fun and engaging way to pick up Dutch words and phrases.

The game is simple. You have 63 language categories ranging from "Numbers" to "Weather". Each category has 10 words that you will soon master.

During each level, your goal is to pop the bubbles before they float off the screen. Each time you tap on a bubble, you hear it spoken by a native speaker and try to read the word. In the first few levels, you have a 50% chance of getting it right. You're basically guessing here. The next level gives you a 25% chance. And from level 3, you must guess correctly with 10 possible answers.

Some levels will force you to listen and will have no text. Other levels will have text but not audio -- so you are forced to read. By level 10, you will have mastered all the words in that category.

Dutch Bubble bath consists of 63 language categories (and over 600 vocabulary words) spoken by a native Dutch speaker.

Are you ready to throw down . . . Dutch-style?

Dutch Bubble Bath features original artwork by Gesonrey Romero of Overpass Apps. It features vocal work by Marijke van Hal. It is produced by Eric Wroolie of Overpass Apps.

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Here are some places you can use this language:
The Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Suriname, Dutch Antilles, Aruba, Curaao, and Saint Maarten.

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