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Looking for a way to save and make cheap international calls? Otubio gives you the ability to make cheap, affordable, and effortless international calls to several destinations all over the world. Call quality is superb, and you get to test it out with a free call before adding credit. Otubio also offers unlimited calls to select destinations such as India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Why is Otubio the best international calling app?

\tCalls are always clear with excellent quality.
\tVery competitive rates.
\tCaller ID on all calls.
\tNo dropped calls. Talk for as long as you want.
\tUnlimited plans to countries like India, Nigeria, and Bangladesh
\tFree calls and chats between Otubio users
\tEase of use. No need for pin numbers. Contacts are dialed automatically
\tAuto-recharge top up your balance so you never run out of credit

Excellent Call Quality
Call rates are extremely low and connection quality is superb. Otubio uses high quality connections which means your Caller ID is displayed to your recipient all the time. With Otubio, you can make cheap international calls to any destination with minimal effort.

Ease of Use
The Otubio App syncs with your contacts so you do not have to worry about manually entering phone numbers. You no longer need to remember cumbersome pin numbers peculiar with calling cards. Otubio uses an automated system that eliminates the need for calling cards. As such, trips to the grocery store to buy calling cards are no longer needed. Otubio calls are pin-less and of excellent quality. You can add credit right from the app or through the Otubio website.

Transfer Credit to other Otubio Users
Another great feature of Otubio is the ability to share or transfer credit. If you have friends or family that want to use Otubio to make cheap calls but do not have a means to add credit to their account, you can transfer credit from your account directly to theirs. In addition, their is a referral feature that also enables users to get free credit when they refer friends.

Call Via local access number or internet
With the Otubio App, you can choose to connect your calls via local access numbers or through the internet (WIFI or Mobile Data). When you use WIFI or Mobile Data, Otubio uses an automated VOIP calling system to connect your calls. You are always assured of excellent quality calls.

Otubio has no hidden fees so you always get value for what you pay for. You are not charged if calls do not connect. You only get charged if your calls connect and the calls are billed in one minute increments.

Otubio has the lowest rates to several destinations which include Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, India, Jamaica, Cuba, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt etc. To get the best international calling service, download Otubio.

Making international calls does not have to be an expensive or tedious process. Otubio lets you get the cheapest international call rates available and still maintains high call quality.

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