English Voice To Text 2019

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With Using this Application, you can speak English and this App will easily and accurately convert your Speech and Voice to English Text.

tired of typing?
Do you want to type a long text but do not have enough time to do it?
Looking for a way to answer your text messages without typing while driving?

"English Voice To Text " is a very powerful and useful speech to text app.

Some features of the "English Voice To Text " App :

Detecting and converting long sentences and sentences into English text perfectly,
No need to sign up and ...
Smart Copy / Share text.
User-friendly interface.
Save text for use in Offline mode.
Send the text as SMS / Email or on Social Media apps.

How to use "English Voice to Text" app 2019

- Press the "New Voice to Text " button and start speaking in English.
- As you complete speaking it will auto recognize speech and give you text format of your Voice in English Text.
- Now You can Copy / Save / Share or clear the text if needed.

Run or download English Voice To Text 2019 using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net