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Gamindo is the first mobile platform where you can convert time spent by playing casual games into charity donations!

In Gamindo there are games such as 2048, Match3, Pong, Blast, Coffee Block and many more puzzle and arcade games. And every game played will let you do an good action for free!

We realized how much all of us love playing video games, how fun it is to spend time passing levels and beating records, so we thought: how good would it be to convert this time into donations? So, instead of saving a virtual world: let's save the real world!

How does it work? Is easy. Inside Gamindo you will find different games, simple casual games. Choose the one you like best, play and try to reach the high score! The more points you make, the more gems you win. Once accumulated, simply go to the "donate" section of the application and donate these gems to the non-profit organizations that you prefer. So, you will be able to donate without spending!

Maybe you are wondering: who puts the money? Here, too, everything is very simple! Each of the games is in fact sponsored by a brand, by a company that holds to these causes as much as we do, and therefore has sponsored the platform by inserting its logo or its products within video games.

Choose the game you like best, play and beat each record and then, together: save the world!

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