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1. This is the priced version of my other free application Numerology Guru. It contains wide ranging advanced numerology content in detail. Rich with 36 screens of numerology content, it deals with profession, marriage and other aspects of life for people born on different dates in different periods.

2. The main interface of the app has button links to various numbers and all the screens contain menu on top right side corner.

3. The links would take you to different numbers. For example, the touch of 1 on the main page takes you to Number 1 where in you have a menu on its action bar on top right corner for Profession, Marriage and Life to guide you on choosing profession and life partner and things to be avoided and remedies to be followed respectively.

4. For example, a number 2 person born on any of the dates 2, 11, 20 and 29 in a period, can look for guidance on choosing profession, life partner and on avoiding things and remedies to be followed.

5. The app provides similar guidance for people born on all dates, for people of all numbers.

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