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Editing the pitches of individual notes within a polyphonic audio sample is impossible, right? WRONG! Melodyne is here with its DNA (Direct Note Access) technology and the once impossible has now become reality! Welcome Celemony Product Specialist David Andris who has set aside time from his busy production schedule to show you everything this software masterpiece can do!

David starts off big time with a series of videos on how to tune an already-recorded piano. This is incredibly useful stuff and there are a lot of important techniques one needs to master to really do it right. From there David explores some cool sound design techniques by changing an audio file's formants to completely alter its natural resonance!

The next series of videos is all about building vocal harmonies, sampling and even designing transients from scratch! The final section employs techniques from "Musique Concrte" to make music out of ordinary household products. Who needs drums when you've got a kitchen full of percussion that you can manipulate with Melodyne?!

If your audio files need some new DNA, watch David Andris' masterful tutorial and learn how Melodyne can genetically alter the sound of your productions!

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