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This application is used to make settings for the Inverted Research Microscope ECLIPSE Ti2-E/Ti2-A, control the Ti2-E, display the Ti2-A status, and display the Assist Guide.

[Supported Microscopes]
- Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2-E (FW 1.50 or later)
- Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2-A (FW 1.20 or later)

[Supported OS]
- Android 8.0 or later
- There is no guarantee that this application will run on all Android devices.

[Main Features]
- Enable to setup the microscope.
- Enable to detect the position of accessory (e.g. motorized or intelligent nosepiece).
- Enable to control the motorized accessory (e.g. motorized stage).
- Enable to view or capture live image of the embedded Assist Camera.
- Enable to confirm that all the correct microscope components are in place for chosen observation method.
- Provides interactive step-by-step guidance for microscope operation and troubleshooting

- If "Ti2 Control" installed without using Google Play is in the Android device, first uninstall it, and then reinstall it.
- Turn off the mobile data communication of the Android device before using the Ti2 Control.
- To use this application, the Wi-Fi router and Android device which satisfy the required specifications are necessary .
- When Ti2 Control searches the microscope, network traffic will be increased, as it sends packets to all devices which are connected in same network segment. So, please use dedicated router for Ti2 Control.

[Instruction Manual]
For more information, see the instruction manual, which can be downloaded from the following URL:

[Terms of Use]
Before using the app, download and read the End User License Agreement, available at the following URL:

[Trademark Information]
- Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.
- All other tradenames mentioned in this document are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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