Learn to Draw Human Body - Draw & Color Anatomy

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Do you want to improve your drawing skills?Whether you dream of becoming a great artist or are simply looking to give your own imagination a creative outlet,drawing is a beautiful way of expressing your individuality and observing the details of the world around you.So do not miss the opportunity of gaining drawing skills of human body.

It seems that in Art there are two ways of drawing a person.First is Drawing their head and face this is known as a Portrait and second is Drawing a person body,this is called figure drawing.This application covers human body drawing and this section that you're looking at right now will discuss body drawing.What Figure Drawing will help you understand is how to draw the human body.The human body is a work of art in itself and it seems impossible to draw it.However, there are proportions of the body that you should memorize and always keep in the back of your mind and once you do this, the human body isnt so hard to draw at all.It is just these facts that should pull all everything together for you.

How To Play:
The program will show step by step how to draw.You can simply need to use your finger to follow the dull picture and then you will be able to create stunning art work by yourself!You can also change some directions with your imaginary skills.

- Interesting drawing steps to cover human body.
- Detailed drawing steps to learn.
- Joyful learning and coloring.
- Each drawing is divided into a number of steps which are easy to draw.
- Starting from a few lines, youll end up with a complete picture.
- Develops art skills.
- Like your very own art teacher anytime,anywhere.

While repetition & direct observation are great for sharpening your skills,here are useful tips to think about as you practice drawing a upper limb.The ultimate ways to how to draw a human body.

Drawing is a fun and useful skill to learn,as well as being a great hobby.However,if you are not very good at drawing,things can be a bit less fun and exciting.Draw people step by step in a simple way.

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