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Wooden Door Designs

Adooris a panel that makes an opening in a building, room or vehicle. Doors are usually made of a hard, semi-permeable, and hard-to-break substance (such as wood or metal), but sometimes consisting of a hard frame into which windows or screens have been fitted.

Doors are often attached by hinges to a frame. Doors make ingress into or egress from a building, room, or vehicle easier to manage.

The panel may be moved in various ways (at angles away from the frame, by sliding on a plane parallel to the frame, by folding in angles on a parallel plane, or by spinning along an axis at the centre of the frame) to allow or prevent ingress or egress.

In most cases, a door's interior matches its exterior side. But in other cases (e.g., avehicle door) the two sides are radically different.

Often doors havelockingmechanisms to ensure that only some people can open them. Doors can have devices such as knockers or doorbells by which people outside can announce their presence and summon someone either to open the door for them or give permission to open and enter.

Apart from providing access into and out of a space, doors can have the secondary functions of ensuring privacy by preventing unwanted attention from outsiders, of separating areas with different functions, of allowinglightto pass into and out of a space, of controllingventilationorair draftsso that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled, of dampeningnoise, and of blocking the spread offire.

Doors may haveaesthetic,symbolic,ritualisticpurposes. To be given thekeyto a door can signify a change in status from outsider to insider.

Doors and doorways frequently appear inliteratureandthe artswithmetaphoricalorallegoricalimport as a portent of change.

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