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Dolphins - a common name for cetacean mammals from the Dolphin family (Delphinidae) and the superfamily of river dolphins (Platanistidae). About forty species of dolphins are known in 17 genera. They range in sizes from 1.2 m and 40 kg (dolphin Maui) to 9.5 m and 10 tons (whalebone). Meet around the world, mostly in the shallow seas of the continental shelf. Predators eating mainly fish and squid. The family of Delphinidae, the largest in a number of cetaceans, was separated from the rest of the whale relatively recently, about ten million years ago during the Miocene.
If you believe in literary sources, the first man who made friends with the dolphin, was Telemachus - the son of Odyssey. Ancient Greek poet Oppian, in a poem about fishing for "Aliyevtika" (180 AD), wrote: "There was nothing else created in the world more beautiful than a dolphin."

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