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GoMap is a central system that monitors on a map the position of one or more vehicles in real time using our GSM / GPS satellite locators.

Most important uses:

- Control fleet (trucks, cars, motorcycles).
- Route Optimization for transport.
- Security.
- Anti-theft fuel.
- Particular use as alarm.
- Configuration of constant product during transport (temperature, pressure, etc.)

This version for Android allows you to:

- See all vehicles associated with your account.
- Understand the current state of your vehicle.
- View real-time path for each car.
- Know your current speed and distance traveled since the ignition off for the last time at each point of the route.
- Whether the vehicle is stationary with or without ignition key.
- Available demo account.


- Trucks, cars, motorcycles.
- Real-time management.
- Burglar alarm.
- Temperature monitoring, fuel, etc.
- Available for mobile devices.

With GoMap (desktop version) you can ...

- Monitoring a vehicle in real time.
- Consult Punches and historical events.
- Calculate fuel consumption.
- Management of visits.
- Notice by SMS when entering and / or leaving an area (geofence).
- Allow or deny access to a driver using a vehicle by iButton.
- Better management control of staff attendance and access our AutoNET software.

Our locators have an intelligent algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and events) to minimize traffic information. For further optimization in power consumption, served configured in Deep Sleep Mode. GSM providers list geofence preferred and 5 zones (rectangular or circular). Advanced Detection of excess speed, driver identification possibility (iButton).

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