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Run this app named INVITING HOMES or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

With this app,you'll be able to remotely control the Inviting Homes Wi-Fi Connecting Salt Lamps throughout your home or office.

Before we get started,please make sure your device is connected to and inrange of your Wi-Fi Network.

Press andHold Power Button of the lamp cord.The light bulb will become bright then will dim.

The Indicator Light will start blinking,meaning your lamp is ready to pair.

Press and Hold on the lamp/group name to change the name.Press the arrow to the right to go to the bulb dimmer page.

The on/off indicator on the left of each lamp/group on the lamps list shows the current status of your lamp/group.

Each lamp group will have its own drop-down list that will show allthe lamps in the group along with their individual on/off indicators.

Organizes and sorts single lamps and lamp groups by:TYPE:Arrange your list from lamp groups to single lamps.NAME:Arrange your lamps alphabetically.

Starts the process for adding lamps,naming lamps,and and connecting to Wi-Fi.

If you are unable to connect to your Wi-Fi Network,please try again and make sure you correctly spelled the name and password.

Starts the process for grouping together lamps.Check off single lamps you wish to group together and Enter in the name you wish to give the group.

To delete a group,press and hold the group's name on the Lamps list,then check off all the lamps on the screen that will pop up.

Checks and Updates the app's Wi-Fi connectivity to any nearby lamps.

Tap on the lightbulb to turn your light on and off

Move the brightness slider left and right to brighten or dim your lamp's brightness.

Tap the bulb icons on the left and right of the sliadjust the lamp by + or - 10%.

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