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The number of insects has been falling at an alarming rate for many years. It's no exaggeration to say that unless something is done to halt the decline, our own future could be at risk. Patterns and trends in insect numbers are nuanced however, and we still don't have that much information on the relative rate of decline over time, and there are too few studies looking at this problem. The Bugs Matter app is an application that enables you to get involved in this critical biodiversity monitoring.

Splatted insects are an unfortunate by-product of our habitual use of vehicles, but also presents us with a prime way of monitoring them. With Bugs Matter you can contribute counts of insects and other bugs, along with the route of the journey you make in a vehicle. You can also provide details about the vehicle used (needed for data analysis) by entering the registration number. This will provide scientists with important new information that will contribute to conservation, evidence, planning, and education.

Anyone with a phone and use of a vehicle can get involved with recording insect counts. It is very easy and quick to submit useful data without specialist knowledge. You do not need to be the driver of the vehicle in which you make a journey.

Take action for insects and help us to study this important subject!

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