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My son will learn more and more new Kanji(Chinese characters) in elementary school .
It is very hard to children.

" I do not know Kanji ... "
" I am good at math ... "
" I want to play outside ... "
My son also say such a thing .

So , I made this app for children!

It is game of picking fruit.
The game enables children to master the Kanji(Chinese character) imperceptibly!

This is How to play .

There is tree of persimmon.
The Persimmon has a "Kanji".

And there is a basket under the tree, it has "Read" .

Please find and pick the persimmon that match to "Read".

And , let's drop it into the basket !

If "Kanji" and "Read" is correctly match, it is a success!

It is the game to challenge the get number of fruit in limited time.

Even if you do not understand Kanji, do not care , please pick more and more persimmons .
Among them , you can master the Chinese characters little by little !
If persimmon does not enter the basket , and even "Kanji" was correct, it is miss.
Because you must have also technique of dropping !

Please let children play this game!
So if they master even one kanji, it is the wonderful!!

This App's Kanji is 1st-2nd grade at elementary school in japan.
I will increase number of Kanji at the update.

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