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MySmartHome.com makes exploring the smart home product space a little easier, a little quicker, without the usual hunting around. It turns selections into suggestions for smart home products that fit your needs. It answers common questions like Which switches work well with Z-Wave? or What cameras work outdoors?

Using data and machine-learning algorithms on the backend, and progressive-web-app styles on the frontend, MySmartHome.com finds and shows relevant and current products from a growing variety of sources.

Disclaimer: MySmartHome.com is not SlickDeals, not a review site, nor product comparison. Those are great places to visit as well. Instead, MySmartHome.com finds, refines, sorts, then trims matching choices into a clean list.

Includes lights, locks, security, sensors, cameras, switches, plugs, blinds, theater, thermostats, and much more. Choose from brands like Nest, Ring, Lutron, Hue, LIFX, Ecobee, GE, and many others. Find those that work with Alexa, Google Home, or with controllers like SmartThings and Harmony - or those that work without any hub at all.

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