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In the Vachanamrut of Gadhpur Pratham 1, Lord Shree Swaminarayan explains that if one is always conscious of the Lord (Akhand Vrutti), then there is nothing left for that person to do.

Chanting the divine names of the Lord is important in ones endeavour of devotional service unto Him, thus the Mahamantra i.e. Maha meaning great and Mantra meaning magical spiritual formula. Mahamantra is also a sacred name that qualifies the cherished Deity and their worship. To attain that engagement with the Lord as described in the Vachanamrut above, chanting is the master key to unlock the locked doors of life.The divinity experienced through chanting liberates the mind from the mode of ignorance and elevates it above the three-fold modes (Satva-Rajas-Tamas)

So what is the connection between chanting the Mahamantra and writing/typing the Mahamantra (Mantralekhan)?
The aim of chanting the Mahamantra is to remain conscious of the Lord (Akhand Vrutti); Mantralekhan has the same result as we would naturally be inclined to chant while we type, thus fulfilling the aim of being conscious of the Lord.
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