Notifications of Mindfulness

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Notifications of Mindfulness (Nom)

This application was inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh who, in Peace is Every Step, talks about bells of mindfulness:

"In my tradition, we use temple bells to remind us to come back to the present moment. Every time we hear the bell, we stop talking, stop our thinking, and return to ourselves, breathing in and out, and smiling. Whatever we are doing, we pause for a moment and just enjoy our breathing."

With Nom, instead of a bell, you receive a notification in your status bar. You add phrases to Nom which will motivate you or inspire you. You configure how many notifications you want to receive during the day, the minimum / maximum gap between notifications etc. Nom then picks one of your phrases at random points and displays it as a notification.

Nom allows you to configure the following:

* The sort order of the messages you have added.
* Whether or not you want the previous notification to be cleared when you open Nom.
* The time window when you want to receive notifications.
* The maximum number of notifications you want to receive in a day.
* The strategy used to pick the message to display e.g. with the Biased Random strategy, messages that have been displayed fewer times have a higher probability of being chosen.

You can also export all your phrases to the SD card, and import from the same location.

I have been using Nom for the last few months, and have found that it has really helped to improve my mindfulness and motivation. I've finally decided to publish it on Google Play in the hope that others will find it useful too. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or find any problems, please do not hesitate to email me.



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