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CARD MATCHING GAME: match objects, get to know

\U0001f7e2Improve your visual memory and vocabulary with over 400 concepts. Entertain while you improve your skills.

\U0001f7e2Get rid of concept cards cluttering your home.

\U0001f7e2Teach you're to pronounce words in different languages \u200b\u200bat an early age thanks to the Text to Speech feature.

Do not forget to activate the "text to speech" feature in your phone's settings so that visual names are read out loud.

\U0001f7e2 Learn at easy, medium and hard levels in Normal Mode.

\U0001f7e2 Prove your intelligence by challenging your memory and time in Challenge mode.

\U0001f7e2 A game that you will like most among children's games and that you will want your child to spend time with. Witness your child's development while playing the game.

\U0001f7e2 A puzzle-like game that combines language learning, intelligence development and fun.

Languages \u200b\u200bsupported by our game;
\U000e0067\U000e0062\U000e0065\U000e006e\U000e0067\U000e007f ENGLISH,

\U0001f7e2 You can start playing the game to learn concepts in your own language or to improve yourself in other languages.

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