PCH: DIY Car Problem Finding & Troubleshoot Help

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Key Features of the App (Pocket Car Help or PCH):

\tReadily available information support on urgent car troubleshooting and decision making, how to get most from old car with less repairs and spending, when and how to avoid unnecessary repairs, and what to ask to a mechanic when spending $ is suggested.

\t The app is designed to work as an urgent source of important troubleshooting information for drivers who are unfamiliar with common car (combustion engine automobile) problems and associated corresponding instruments.

\tThe app will guide driver on how to troubleshoot known and unknown problems in urgent situation.

\tEasy-to-use and structured notes provide information about common combustion engine automobile components, troubleshooting, maintenance, buying, driving, and other related matters.

\tInfo is organized based on

o\tComponents and corresponding problems, troubleshooting, and possible actions.
o\tProblems with possible causes and troubleshooting steps for DIY
o\tValuable tips (listed below)

\tPocket Car Help also discusses about/discusses how to/provides information on/works as;

o\tAvoid unnecessary car repairs and maintenance when possible; will explain why and when avoiding repair could be possible
o\tOvercome car repair or related fear and avoid unnecessary spending
o\tAvoid repair from fear, not knowing, or misunderstanding from mechanics review
o\tA pocket guide for urgent need on various car related information
o\tA source of information regarding troubleshooting process for common problems
o\tCommon tips as preventative actions and to increase car longevity with explanations
o\tTips and common matters that need attention when buying an old car
o\tA guide for new driver
o\tCommon car problems and repairs
o\tThings to check for when buying old car
o\tGetting most out of old car
o\tRented vs. own car driving in long drive
o\tTire Selection, weather, and tire thread relation
o\tAWD, 2WD, RWD, and FWD difference, benefits, and limitations
o\tPreventative and longevity actions
o\tAttention before and after long drive
o\tWhat to ask to mechanic about suggested repairs
o\tOld car management, how to save money, how to increase longevity
o\tAnd many more common matters.

\tThe app does not discuss how to perform repair work, instead it provides information to help driver about

o\tDIY car repair and maintenance
o\tcar problems and troubleshooting process for common problems
o\tAvoiding unnecessary repairs; avoiding repair from fear
o\tPossible solutions or options for the driver in need before performing professional repairs/ maintenance work
o\tCommon car components; component work function; component related problems
o\tProblem development process and support as car maintenance manager

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