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We introduce an innovative application that incorporates many features of modern phones, such as augmented reality and the gyroscope, in order to allow the user to interact with their environment by throwing their phone. Kobe is an Android application that can be experienced in two different modes: ThrowMode and KobeQuest. The former allows the user to toss their phone at an AR-generated target displayed on the phone and overlaid onto the real world. The latter is a text-based interactive story that challenges the user to toss their phone to satisfy specific metrics in order to advance the plot. The goal of this project was to explore novel ways to manipulate a phones sensors and AR in order to provide a thrilling interactive gameplay experience.

We used Android Studio for development in collaboration with Googles ARCore technology. In Throw Mode, we used the anchor of the AR generated target and the current position of the users device to detect when the target was hit. We also used the accelerometer to detect when the phone was in free fall; thus the phone had to be both in freefall and within a certain proximity of the target to confirm the hit and implement the streak. In the KobeQuest section, we used the accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor to create criteria for a text-based adventure. For example, in KobeQuest a user might be prompted to escape chains by rapidly spinning (> 10 rps) their device for 300-400ms.

In general, this project provided an ideal learning platform for us to explore novel technologies rarely utilized by app developers. As a result, in making this game, our team has engineered a robust framework that can be used for new forms of gameplay which introduce the user to unique experiences.

KNOWN BUGS: occasional streak incrementation issues. We're doing our best to nail that down. Also the camera button does nothing. We tried getting rid of it but that made it crash?

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