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Molitics is a political news app which imparts knowledge about Indian politics in detail.
Molitics (Media Of Politics) is the Political News platform. Users get updated with all the happenings and information related with sociopolitical domain. Via its features like News in 5 pointers, Know your Leader, Public Issues, Election Results, Surveys etc, Molitics ensures to -
Give unbiased news (free from opinions).
Provide all the news and public opinion about a political leader
Update users with ground issues
Display national and statewide election results
Provide its users with a platform to opinionate themselves.
This application is bilingual and available in Hindi and English. Molitics updates its users with all the trending news, breaking news and the latest news on politics.
Major Features of the App
News In 5 Pointers: Get all the political News in just 5 points. This feature works on the principle of No Views But News.
Trending Leaders: Get a list of trending political leaders across the country via Molitics. This list gets updated in every 2 hours.
News: The news is also segregated State-wise. The user can select any state from the list and personalize news and the list of leaders accordingly.
Videos: Political videos, Interviews, Analytical videos and ground reports on recent political affairs are presented on the application.
Articles: A comprehensive analysis of various socio-political issues that are designed to educate and inform the users. Personal opinions and views of each author are expressed here.
Know Your Leader: Information on all the local, state and national leaders in a nutshell. Under this, you can get to know about the leaders news bank and public opinion about them.
Public Issues: This feature helps users in questioning the performances of the leaders and expressing your concerns and views on various policies, schemes, and activities of leaders.
Survey: This feature lets users participate in an ongoing political discussion.
Election Results: Here is all you need to know about the elections, number of seats, election results, the ruling party, etc. It gives you a broad idea of various state assemblies and the elections.


All results data has been obtained from Election Commission of India website. Errors and Omissions expected. We do not represent the Government Entity
Data Source link: http://results.eci.gov.in/
Please share your valuable feedback, ideas & get help using the app. If you enjoy using the app, do give us the best ratings!
Email us on: connect@molitics.in

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