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Simple app that can also be used offline.

Learn to describe your feelings with help of this feelings chart. Based on the Feeling Wheel, which was developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox.
Useful for study of Emotion focused therapy (EFT) as well.
Good for counselors, social workers, teachers, and anyone who would like to go deeper into understanding emotions of self and others.

Go beyond anger, fear, sad, disgust, surprise, happy!

Why does this app requires so many permissions? (though it hardly uses any of it...)

You shouldnt be scared of downloading this app due to the large list of permissions that it requires. HEREs WHY

The app was built using a software made for creating mobile apps called Mobincube. Mobincube guarantees that apps built with their platform doesnt include any malware, viruses, etc. With Mobincube people can create apps of such a huge variety and functionality. Some of those functionalities require specific permissions to be included, and even if this app is not using the majority of them, it includes by default the full list of permissions. Please check http://www.mobincube.com if you need to verify.

Here you have an explanation of all permissions included:


Required by those apps that offer user analytics, user login, chats, etc.


Required by those apps that need to access the contact list for sending messages.


Required by those apps that offer map functionality and also by those that show ad banners. Using location permission creates a better user experience, since ad banners will display content that makes more sense to the user and can be even helpful.


Required by those apps that have a call button. For example, apps that offer restaurant reservations, etc.

Photos/Media/Files and Storage:

Required by those apps that:

Use online content and need to cache it locally to improve the user experience.

Include video ads, so they can buffer the video, making the user experience much better.

Allow the user to take pictures or access the gallery for selecting a photo.

Wi-Fi connection information:

It allows the app to know if the device is using Wi-Fi connectivity or not. If not, the app wont download unnecessary resources or video ads so that the user doesnt consume 3G data.

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