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Minimalist House Model
Model house is a model house that many in search by people who want to create a new home, or even by the devolper housing. This can be found in various places both urban and perdesaaa rumn that presents beautiful residential landscape and captivate. The reason many people who prefer a one-story house is the first is because the price or cost of making a one-story house that is cheaper than a house with two floors. However, for the issue of one floor price depends on the place.
For example, the price of a one-story house in rural areas is cheaper than the price of single-storey houses in urban areas. And the other reason is the type of the house itself. Is the house one floor type 36, 45, 70 or other. For its size is also a factor that affects the price of this one-floor house.
For now, it is not difficult to get the idea of making a minimalist one floor house. In addition to cyberspace that provides internet access, you can search for a minimalist model of one floor of various kinds of beautiful designs. There are many people who share pictures of the house one floor for free and some are paid.
In addition, the model of making a one-story house that includes a familiar housing, there is a new concept of making a one-story minimalist home. Yes, minimalist which of course means is for you who have a relatively narrow land area. This minimalist house carries a simple and spacious design of this house was not too broad which aims to be more economical because the cost would be cheaper than a single floor house in general. For matters of the outdoors or display in the home, you can effect effects that are currently popular among the public.
For a minimalist view of the one floor you want, here I will share some of the outer look of minimalist one floor house that may be your reference to create a new residence.

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