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The MCL Microwave Calculator performs 21 calculations commonly needed by RF and microwave system designers in a wide range of applications. For example, quickly compute the effect of VSWR or return loss on transmitted power; cascaded gain and noise figure for up to five amplifier stages; and power-to-voltage conversion. Its the perfect tool to help you solve problems and save time whether youre working in the lab or in the field.
Heres how to use it:
\tFor Effect of VSWR on Transmitted Power, enter either VSWR or R.L. (Return Loss), tap Calculate, and the calculator returns values for Reflection Coefficient (dB), Transmitted Loss (dB), % Transmitted Power and % Reflected Power. It also converts VSWR to R.L. and vice-versa.
\tFor Cascaded Noise Figure, enter noise figure and gain values for up to 5 cascaded amplifier stages, tap Calculate, and the calculator returns the cumulative values for noise figure (as a ratio and in dB) and gain (dB).
\tFor Power Conversion, using the pull-down menu, choose your input units from Watts, Milliwatts, dBm, RMS Voltage or Peak Voltage. Enter the value of interest, tap Calculate, and the calculator converts power to voltage and vice-versa. It also converts peak voltage and RMS voltage and vice-versa.
The MCL Microwave Calculator was developed by Mini-Circuits, an industry leader in the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of RF/IF and microwave components, subsystems and test solutions from DC to 40 GHz.

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