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milon COCKPIT is the new analysis app for your training area. With simple and clearly presented parameters, this tool allows you to have a better understanding of your milon ecosystem and to gear it towards more effectiveness and efficiency.

The integrated support function allows you to share your key figures with your milon adviser. milon COCKPIT also has a goal function, allowing you and your club to set target specifications for the number of active members in your milon circuit. milon COCKPIT monitors this goal using real-time analyses based on data from milon CARE, enabling you to reach this goal quickly and efficiently.

milon COCKPIT is only available in combination with the CARE support contract, including telephone-based support.

Contact your milon adviser to use milon COCKPIT.

Fast and simple summary of parameters
Real-time presentation of milon circuit system utilization
Presentation and clear visualization of the core parameters of your milon system
Goal-setting for milon utilization and its use
Automatic target monitoring and forecasting
Option to get direct online support from your milon adviser
New client forecast

For more than 45 years now, we at milon have been working to provide people with the simplest, safest and most effective means of training. The result is effective training systems, smart support software and end-to-end concepts for facility operators: milon is one of the leading manufacturers of electronically controlled circuit systems.

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