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Fishing if we mean it in general is something that catches fish in general there are several different points of view, such as fishing because of work (Fishermen), outdoor sports (outdoor), hobbies, or activities on the outskirts or in the middle of the sea, rivers, lakes and other waters with the target of hunting / catching a fish. And there are also those who interpret fishing as an activity of catching fish or other aquatic animals by using a tool by one or several anglers. Fishing can be distinguished based on the game habitat, namely freshwater fishing and sea water fishing.

Well tips & tricks for friends whose hobbies are fishing, namely how to tie a fishing hook and the types of fishing hook ties, the techniques below I get from various, you can use according to your needs.

As we all know there are still many who beginner hobbies are fishing for fish who do not understand how to tie a hook that is right and strong.

Try a friend, imagine if we are fishing suddenly a hook / fishing line, regardless of the thread, is very annoyed, it feels due to the fishing line / hook is not tightly tied to the string / fishing line. Therefore, the hook / fishing line to the string / correct is very very, but in practice there are still many fishing hobbyists who have not been able to make fishing rod assemblies or tie fishing lines that are both strong and true. Even due to the lack of strength the bond will break when the stress occurs.

Here are some ways to make fishing rod assemblies that friends can use as a guide in making strong and true fishing line ties.

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