Rubric Knights

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Rubric Knights is a turn based strategy game with roguelike elements. Utilize the attack patterns of your four units: Knight, Mage, Scout, and Archer to outwit and overcome your enemies.

Knight: The Knight is a straightforward fighter, only hitting adjacent characters. Their heavy armor, however, protects from a percentage of damage taken.

Mage: The Mage can blast enemies with arcane might, hitting any enemies diagonal from themselves.

Scout: The Scout attacks their foes from clever angles. They can target enemies around corners of the cube in addition to their adjacent attacks.

Archer: The Archer rains arrows from afar in an 'L' pattern. Two spaces forward, and one over.

UI Assets created by Kenney.nl: https://kenney.nl/assets?q=ui
Floor tile art created by Benjamin S: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/stone/floor-tiles-8321

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