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This app is developed with almost all newspapers links of Bangladesh. Searching the URL of a newspaper from Google is very much time wasting and also disgusting when you cant excess after many attempts. We tried our best to find out all the newspapers address/URL. At the beginning the users can find the link of national Bangla newspapers. Then comes national English newspapers links. After then, most popular international newspapers links. Initially you will find online news portals of bd. And finally comes regional like Chittagong, Rajshahi, and Khulna etc. Newspapers links. If you want newspapers link searching by name you also can do it clicking on Search by Name button that is placed on the head of the index of this app.

This app is very much easy to use. You need to click on the icon or name of the newspaper that you want. After pressing the name the app will want to know the name the browser that you want to use, by giving options of the existing browsers from your set. If you want to excess newspaper from Opera or Google Chrome or Fire fox or any browser that you wish just press that suggested button and wait. You will see the page of your chosen newspapers appears very soon.

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