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Being a Bitcoin wallet, MasterBitExpress has the primary duty of managing the keys related to the process of sending and receiving Bitcoins. Transactions are automatically signed from within the wallet once required, transparently to the user, so that a seamless experience of paying and receiving funds is the main objective of MasterBitExpress. With this APP, user has the ability of paying for products and services across the Internet using Bitcoin as well as receiving payments to within the wallet (in fact, an inherent feature from the feeding information retrieved from the blockchain and distributed across the network structure which characterizes the Bitcoin decentralized infrastructure). The technology involved is constructed on the blockchain registering features for transactions, by block insertion from mining, which is inherently secure due to its cryptographic features and consensus. That is to say the technology is developed to be secure. The wallet has QR Code reading functionality for entering addresses as well as other secure and simple ways for entering addresses for sending funds as well as rich features for informing a payer on an address pertaining to the wallet. MasterBitExpress has an internal technology that uses cryptography for backing up the wallet as well as for recovering the wallet. The user can easily define the relevant security features and even lock the wallet, which is a feature that does not depend on the backing up feature. Storing into a secure place and restoring from a secure place, being places defined by the user, are features providing an effective layer of protection for funds managed by the wallet. Details on transactions, fine tuning over the wallet capabilities, relevant information on the wallet activity are examples from the rich but simple features user gains by using the wallet. The user manages and shares its public addresses easily. Even asking the blockchain for incoming funds is possible from the wallet, albeit the wallet is configured to automatically accomplish to this function without requiring user intervention. MasterBitExpress is continuously under development with concerns on providing even more useful features for the forthcoming versions.

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