Polynet : poligonal puzzle game

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Match polygons of the same shape making them sliding on each other and creating new greater ones !

Merge equal polygons together creating new ones with one side more: starting from triangle, passing through square and pentagon and so on, your target is to achieve the Last One, the Tetradecagon with 14 sides.
( Red with warm theme, Black with cold theme ).

* completely FREE !

* Colorful , 2 selectable themes : cold theme, warm theme.

* 3 different levels of challenge : 4x4 grid, 5x5 grid, 6x6 grid for more braintrain

* Share your score through social app and challenge your friends!

* Suitable both for kids and adults

Accept the challenge and emprove your strategic skills and mind!
Try, you can't stop playing, it's an addicting game puzzle !!!

This is an alternative and funny version of board number game and other free number games, it uses polygons and easy geometric shapes instead of numbers in gameplay.
With this polygonal puzzle game you'll get familiar with unusual geometry: eptagon, octagon, decagon and more odd hendecagon, dodecagon, tridecagon, tetradecagon ?!? Discover all geometric shapes!

Easy rules, easy to play, need only 1 finger !

...but can you obtain the Last One, the Tetradecagon?!?

It's another approach to number puzzle game, based on geometry and geometric shapes number of sides.
Difficulty can be hardened increasing the board dimension, and putting the braintraining at the next level, finishing a scheme require strategy and reflection about the next move.

It's a relaxing, unstressfull and brain teasing activities, an addictive casual game that can be played just in those few time of evasion.

Moreover, changing the theme can adapt puzzle game to the day mood, or make it more relaxing.

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About math game, you can try Nunet, Multix or Differo, but beware the last 2 are very very hard.

Enjoy and have fun!
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