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KNOW UR ENGLISH e-magazine of English is a monthly magazine for the aspirants of TOEFL and competitors of IPBS , UPSC and any type of competitive exams. English is one of simple and widely accepted languages in the World. Now-a-days, TOEFL is the gateway for higher eduation .
This e-magazine of English must help the TOEFL candidates. At the same time in India most of the competitors are facing the problems of English grammer . This e-magazine has been such designed that competitors of IPBS , UPSC and any type of competitive exams will be enriched in English grammer and language also.There are seven rooms in the magazine. They are 1) ROOM OF CORRECT MEANING 2) CORRECT SPELLING ROOM 3) ROOM OF SAME MEANING WORDS. 4) CORRECTION ROOM 5) GROUP VERB ROOM 6) ROOM OF OPPOSITE WORDS
7) ROOM OF CORRECT WORDS. Apart this there is a speial paper for the TOEFL based on paragraph. Our readers are expected well conversant in English . Now just share with the magazine , KNOW UR ENGLISH .

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