Dragon Eggs 6

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This is a click screen surprise entertainment game.
Each one of casual app is full of entertaining, there are unique surprise pictures Oh!

If you have a dragon egg.

You have to touch the dragon egg to hatch and get an unexpected picture of the pet.

The dragon egg is full of casual background volume, simple and innovative gameplay.

A virtual game that simulates real eggs and can be used for boring time.

The dragon egg is very interesting and has a lot of surprises. It is rich in content and everyone loves to play.

The dragon egg must be hatched successfully, and it will be a surprise, a variety of mysterious gifts.

Be careful! Dragon Egg This is a very favorite game, you will love it.

Introduction to the game:
* Constantly click on the dragon egg
*Collect all the different pictures
* Get the best surprise

Simple, playable, the best game to pass the time, you can enjoy with friends, you can continue to knock cool, easy to addictive fun content, endless surprises waiting for you, fun dragon egg surprise game ~

This is a simulated surprise game with fantastic egg chocolate. It is very suitable for little boys and girls to play. It has great pictures of pet surprises, very cute and funny, and the exciting and soul-loving pet partners are with you. Play, I believe that you will like to play very much, because this is a very interesting virtual game of leisure and entertainment.

Waiting for you to play~

The next revision will be updated:
1. Add 25 surprise pictures from 5 to 30. (left and right button selection)
2. Add a new currency system. (watch an ad or play a small game to get money. Use to buy touch or skill and upgrade)
3. Add a lot of small games to earn in-game currency. (A total of 27. Each has its own game features and rich gameplay elements. Unique gameplay. Very exciting and fun. In addition, there are BOSS levels that can be challenged. Get a lot of money.)
4. Add a store system. (Can be used to purchase 3 kinds of skills. There are 3 kinds of STR for each skill, TIME, CD, you can purchase the upgrade separately.)
5. The maximum file size is 80MB. A lot of game elements.
6. Also. Made some fine-tuning and corrections. Better shake the animation. When a surprise picture appears, the banner will close. Add a share button. and many more

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