Impossible Car Darts Challenge 2021

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Were captivating cars from the pulverized to the sky! Jump from rooftop to rooftop as you jump your car about this shadowy territory of a made-up city where highways are a thing of the past. There are huge jumps, mid-air ramps, outlandish tracks and crazy aerial tricks. Get a birds eye view with this innovative challenge. Experience the exciting adventure now!

This game is designed on car jumps and landing on a fixed position which will be placed in the ocean on the design of the dart. You are a car jumper and drive fast your car on the provided track and make a perfect jump open the parachute make balance of your car and land on the dart which is placed in the water if you landing will wrong your car will crash and the game will fail. Many stunt cars are in fly jumper action this game is best in the top para shoot games and this game is developed on the air break jumping and the new concept of the enjoyment in the gaming. You have played many rooftop jumps, stunts with cars, mid-air racing and many parkour simulation and racing games. Try this new and landing challenge game.

Dozens of levels and many sports monsters cars are designed in this game in every level the destination distance will increase you will land on the dart position by balancing your car with the parachute Download and enjoy this game now.

Gameplay and Key Features.

- Drive fast on the ramp
- Jump exactly from the track and land on the exact destination
- Open the para shoot and make the balance
- Control your speed and complete the level

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