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A virus has spread that turns humans into zombies, after many battles, there are only groups of humans isolated from each other and the only hope for them is to recover the vaccine that has fallen in an area plagued by living Dead.
This game consists of the best of the soldiers in each group, you have to go to find the vaccine, you will win the first to get it and it will not be easy, because the zombies are difficult to kill, only a shot in the head will end them .
You will have to locate the map that will help you find both the vaccine and ammunition.
In the latest zombie war, you can play both single player and multiplayer games, compete with other players, participate in a general ranking and get trophies based on your achievements and victories.

Game Features.
High quality 3D graphics.
Good effects and animations.
Minimap of the field with indication of objectives.
Telescopic sight button and binoculars.
Help button explained how to play in multiplayer.
You have chat.

This game requires a 3G, 4G or Wifi internet connection, best stable Wifi.

Note. This game requires a device with a processor of 1.0 GHz or higher and with at least 1 Gb of RAM, in lower devices may not work well.

Background Music.
Closing in 2.
By Eric Matyas. www.soundimage.org

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