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Live Stream, live chat, multiple people can interact in the live broadcast room at the same time. Here you can communicate, interact with strangers, and make new friends.
In BongoLive you can enjoy the high-quality and wonderful performances from the Southeast Asia hosts in anytime and anywhere. You can chat with your favorite host in real time, follow her moment, and become her fans to get in touch with her.

Our characteristics are as follows:
Live Stream:
We have an active platform for live broadcasting of singing, dancing, chatting, and outdoor content. The hosts show their talents and hobbies. Here you can find and communicate with hosts who have the same interests and hobbies. Let's become their fans and make friends with them.

Live video chat room:
Most of the content of the hosts' live show is open that everyone can enter and watch. If you only want to have a private talk, you can choose other types rooms, such as ticket room, timing room, etc.
Dont be surprised if you are watching and browsing the live stream list and find that some rooms need be paid. This is a room function set by the hosts. They hope to get corresponding valued income by showing their better talents, and hope that you can encourage and support more.

Live interactive
PK is played between the hosts. The host with the most points will win, and the loser will be punished by the winner. Here you can choose to help her win, and give her advice on how to punish the loser.
If you continue to follow some hosts, and prefer their performances. Then you can also apply for live video chat with them, and have a face-to-face communication. It can help you enhance the relationship.

Virtual gift
There are a variety of virtual gifts, including champagne, rings, angels, supercars, luxury cruises, dream castles and so on.
You can buy some gifts to support your favorite hosts and get their attention in their live rooms. What's more, you can upgrade quickly by sending gifts.

There is a lot of contents here, you can see the hosts' daily life, get in touch with them more realistically, and interact with them like real friends.

Optional Permissions
Location: this is the permission to find hosts nearby.
Camera and Microphone: this is the permission to go live.
Phone: this is the permission to check device status.

Guide to app permissions
-Required Permissions

- How to change permissions?
Permissions can be changed in Settings>Bongo Live.

* Even if you don't agree with the optional permissions, you can use our service except for functions related to those permissions.
* If you don't agree with the optional permissions, it may be difficult to use some of our functions properly.

Facebook: @bongolive.tv

Twitter: @live_bongo

Instagram: @bongolive_app

Your feedback can help us improve Bongo Live.
Any questions? Please contact us at service@bongolive.tv

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