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Our goal is to empower YOU to discover a citys secret places and stories on your terms. We do this by offering free self-guided itineraries known as footprints, crafted by passionate locals who know their cities inside out. These footprints are made up of multiple steps and may include obscure landmarks, hidden gardens, cool street art, quirky cafes, rooftop bars and many more surprises. Initially, we will be covering London, Barcelona and Budapest with more cities already in the works.

So no more stressful hours spent researching and planning places to visit before you travel. Follow the footprints of our local insiders, and get the inside scoop on the most well-concealed spots of a city. Get ready to embark on a journey off the beaten path, and let Like Locals transform your next trip into an unforgettable and memorable adventure.

Like Locals App Features:

At each step in a footprint, there is a GPS enabled map that will help you wander the walkways, and discover the secret sights of a city with ease. Combine this with the content which is crafted by passionate locals and its like you have a local friend by your side, but theyre actually in the palm of your hands. You dont have to book, turn up at a certain time or follow a person. Designed with convenience and spontaneity in mind, just go with the flow, that is what exploring new countries and cities is about, right?

Every traveller is different and with this in mind, we built our platform to give you a fully personalised experience. You can find the right footprint for you based on your interests, what's nearby, the time taken to complete, popularity and walking distance. After youve created a profile you can also save your footprints, come back to them later on or next time you travel.

Made with love by a citys most hip locals, the footprints includes a wide range of locations. From the slightly well known to the completely underground and obscure. It could be a hidden garden full of orange trees in Barcelona, or a secret cocktail behind a fridge in London. The locations included will take you away from the crowded touristy places, to the secret spots only the citys most passionate locals know about. Giving you a real local experience no matter what city you're in.

Our locals are the best, through the footprints they make, they dont just recommend the places where they like to unwind. They share the recommendations of what to do once you get there. From what cocktails to have at an underground speakeasy in Barcelona to what type of coffee try in Budapest's best and obscure coffee house. Its like having an actual person by your side as you travel through a city.

The people sat on city tour buses look like they are about to fall asleep, after being bombarded with unnecessary information. We at Like Locals are cut from a different cloth. With the help of local insiders, we are putting the fun back into travel. Instead of just directing you to places, we might ask you to answer a question, with the answer found somewhere around you. The aim of this is so you dont go somewhere just to take pictures for the gram. Youre fully in tune and immersed with your surroundings. I mean appreciating the small details is what makes exploring new places so special, right?

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