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Disco Flash Light is the absolute party light android app and a flashlight application. This application also include a home screen and lock screen free flashlight app. The best feature of the app is also blink when your mobile is ringing and also work when you are on call bright torch.
This app have many types that are be beneficial to use like: Disco Light, Flash Light, and LED Flash light, laser flashlight, lommelykt, flashlight, Morse ,Shake-it , police lights, Voice detector light, Clap light and many more like this. This is one of the best led flashlight this app flashlight alert when you are on emergency mood.
Disco light torch flashlight, camera flash light works with many features like it will turn on your LED light and shows many different colors like disco.
The best brightest flash light high power torch that gave you many option, in this single android app.
Shake it mode will run your flash light when you shake your mobile it will dance. You can enjoy the dancing light with your desired mode.
Police mobile flash light , super flashlight is the amazing feature for the app you can enjoy with your friends its blink like police light or cop simulates light.
Call light flash
Clap light flash is the best feature you can clap and the light turn on and enjoyed or impress to your friends.
Its also detect voice of any kind and response the flash, LED light turn in.
Automatic: Use your microphone to listen to the environment and tired the beat of the melody music routinely detecting the beat of the melody music.

LED Flash Light:

Brightest LED Flashlight directly on.
In-built SOS sign.
Pick your favorite music from our play list and make fun with this led strobe flash light.
included music vocalization
Dancing light and ringing strobe
night club party, dancing floor light
dancing light or festivals light
Screen Color flashlight.
Camera LED flashlight.
Strobe light, Police light, Emergency light.
Candle, Blink, Spiral.
Switch On/Off the light just like using a real flashlight.
Blinking frequency changeable.
Superb graphs.
Maximize screen intensity.
Use camera LED as a torch flash Light.


Super amazing fast loading.
Nice multi shade color Flashlight On and Off Buttons.
Led flash light is a simple an easy to use application.
Switch your flash Led light On/Off with realistic switch eith the voice.
You can turn On/Off your flash light with shaking your mobile.
Screen light reduces your mobile battery usage and use for long time.
You can entertain disco light with colors and adjust the frequency.

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