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latakoo Flight (Android)
Enterprise Video Simplified
latakoo Flight provides a simple, secure way to transfer files from anywhere to anywhere, regardless of file type or Internet connectivity. With latakoo Flight, quickly send and share video, photos, and audio files, while preserving great quality. latakoo Pilot gives you secure cloud access to share and distribute files.

A latakoo subscription is required to use the app. Register for an account at https://home.latakoo.com/en/plans-pricing/. If you are already a member of an enterprise latakoo account, please use your existing credentials.

When sending video, click on Settings to adjust the quality and speed of your upload. Note that higher quality settings result in slower uploads. Most of your video files should be set to fastest. We suggest selecting the faster quality for video with heavy amounts of action, like sports. View uploaded files by clicking on Pilot and scrolling to the correct file or login to our website https://home.latakoo.com.

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