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Brain Marbles ball sort puzzle game.

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Welcome to the best ball sort puzzle game. It will blow your mind! Its addictive, fun, and very challenging. Reach 230+ levels to challenge your mind and patience.
Brain Marbles is a bright mix of sorting puzzle, colored balls, marbles, concentration, attention, logic, patience, relax and of course a lot of sort fun.

It is not only an extraordinary ball sorting puzzle, but it is also a truly entertaining, challenging and addictive game. It is a new challenge for those who love sort puzzles, brainteasers, strategy games, games to improve memory and brain training games, crosswords, chess and all types of sort games.
When playing Brain Marbles you will get not only endless sorting but a lot of patience and concentration as well as attention, imagination and thinking several moves ahead. You will love Brain Marbles! This puzzle game will give you a unique opportunity to improve your skills in solving problems and puzzles, train your brain, memory and spatial imagination.
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The rules are very simple:
There are 12 tubes (slots) in the playing area, each of them can hold up to 4 balls (up to 5 at higher levels). Initially, the balls are arranged randomly, and your task is to sort the balls out so that only balls of the same color are in the same tube. Balls can only be sorted (moved) according to the following rules:

Tap any tube to move the ball from the top. Tap another tube to place a ball in.
You can only move a ball on top of another ball if both of them have the same color and the tube you want to move into has enough space.
Try not to get stuck - but dont worry, you can always undo or even restart the level at any time. Keep it sorting until you'll get a dead-end notification.

We have streamlined the interface, leaving only basic features to make this mini-game simple and easy; however, this mini-game will carry you away, and bring you many pleasant moments when solving this sophisticated sort puzzle. You can pick various textures for the balls, which will make the game more enjoyable. We have also paid attention to the soundtrack and your tactile senses during the gameplay. Now you can truly enjoy the gameplay! Sort with pleasure!

Brain Marbles sort puzzle is an exciting game that everyone can enjoy, from simple to super complex levels limited in time and number of moves.

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100% exciting and entertaining game, but above all it is a CHALLENGE for those who are passionate about sort puzzles, head-scratchers, and complex logical tasks! Download it NOW!

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"Brain Marbles stands out by being a very well designed challenging logic puzzle game thats also quite relaxing and brings a whole new experience to its players."
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