QR code Reader and Scanner (1D,2D Barcode Scanner)

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QR and Bar code scanner is one of the fastest app. QR code reader app is essential for android devices mostly we use qr scanner for payments, WIFI, email and many other applications. Now a day every where QR and bar code is used. By using this you can easily scan anything. You can used qr reader any where any time. If you are in shopping mall, mart or any other public place where just scan QR and barcode and done you work. Download and install one of the fastest scanning apps which allows you to creating QR and Bar code and also allowing you scanning these codes, you can scan fast and automatically code.

The interface of bar code scanning app is phone responsive user-friendly working fast with use of interactive design and easy to use. Dont need any password and any other button just click on scanning button and scan QR. Along with QR code creation and making you can also scan barcode. You can create qr code on the following types including text, URL, product, contact, calendar, email, location, WIFI, and many more formats. After scanning and decoding you will code which you can share with your friends social media platforms. Hurry up download QR and barcode scanning app from google play store.

There are different features in app which you can used free in app. You can save creating code in history. You can share these codes with friends at anytime and anywhere. The big advantages of this app are you can scan coupons/ coupon code for getting discounts on any product and saves your money. Barcode & QR scanner is the only free scanner app which you will needed. If you scanning code in any place where less light is required and you faced difficulty in scanning app turn on you phone flash light and scan app. You can compare your product price with online prices. This app is totally free app and compatible with android devices. Download this scanning app from google play store and creating your own product code.

---- Features in QR & Bar code scanning app ----
Enjoyable Features in QR creating app:

\uf0fc\tPhone responsive fast and easy to use.
\uf0fc\tCreate QR and bar code.
\uf0fc\tQR and bar code reader.
\uf0fc\tScan image.
\uf0fc\tScan image from gallery.
\uf0fc\tShare contact information using QR code.
\uf0fc\tSave QR code history.
\uf0fc\tUse scanner in dark using flash light.
\uf0fc\tSave code into gallery.
\uf0fc\tYou can create different types of QR code including text, URL, product, contact, calendar, email, location, WIFI and much more.
\uf0fc\tFree and offline.
\uf0fc\tNo google ads.

---- How to use fast and offline QR and barcode reader app ----

How to use barcode creator and reader:
\uf076\tDownload free and offline QR and Bar coder creator and scanner from google play store ScanQR.
\uf076\t Open app clicks on QR create.
\uf076\tSelect type for which you can creating code.
\uf076\tSave into gallery and share with friends.
\uf076\tCreate barcode and read barcode.

So, if you want to create any type of your own QR and barcode free offline for any product? Download Now

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