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Know history at a glance
Since the usage history is displayed on the calendar, you can see the household of the day at a glance!

Extensive expense items and icons
Classification of households is easy with many items grouped.
It looks pretty with colorful icons!

Household analysis with various graphs
Easily analyze expenditure and income with pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts!
It can switch between monthly and yearly.

Understand savings amount at a glance
Balance display shows the savings amount of each asset (cash, bank etc.) at a glance!
Since usage history is also displayed, it will also be a substitute for passbook!

Reduce wasteful expenses in budget setting
If you set a budget every month, the budget and results will be displayed in graphs!
As you get closer to the budget or notice you will get notified, you can also avoid wasteful expenses!

Automatic registration of spending and income with fixed cost registration
Registering expenses and income as fixed expenses will automatically register.

Convenient notification function
If you turn on the notification function, your daily household account book will be fun!
When I forget to enter everyday.
When fixed costs are automatically registered.
When approaching or exceeding the budget.
When the savings amount approaches or reaches the target.

In your favorite color ...
You can set household account book from rich colors to your favorite colors!

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