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- ColorKiwisters goal is feed to kiwi birds on increasing difficult conditions the longest time we can!
- The blue, red, green and purple baby kiwi birds in the rotating bird nest, they fed by their mothers!
- You have to feed each bird with their own colors, you can see the next color inside the rotating bird nest!
- White food can feed baby kiwi birds which is red, blue, purple and green!
- If you want to buy a white color, you should spend 25 Kiwi! Press the white button at the bottom of the screen for this!
- Black color is bad for kiwi birds and make birds more hungry!
- You can spend 15 Kiwi to pass the black color , press the black button at the bottom of the screen!
- If you dont have Kiwi, you have to feed baby birds with black food!
- You must strike 5x to win Kiwi!
- Satiety level is start in %50, if you fall under the satiety level, gives warning!
- The game ends when the satiety level become zero!!!

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