Durood Akseer e Azam Wazifa

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Benefits of Durood Akseer e Azam

This Durood Shareef has been written by Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) in the praise of Hazoor (saw) and its name has been given as Akseer e Azam. This name that is Akseer e Azam has been given by keeping in mind how the gold is created by Akseer from ordinary metal; in the same manner the person who reads/recites this Durood Shareef will also become like gold from inside and outside (physically and spiritually).

Hazoor e Ghouse Pak (ra) used to love this Durood Shareef. That is why the Silsilah e Qadiryas mureeds have read it to gain infinite sawaab and benefits. If any person who reads this Durood Shareef (to gain spirituality), once after namaz fajr and once after namaz isha then he/she will gain such spiritual status that the routes to right path will be opened for him/her. If any person has not found Mrshid e Kaamil then he/she will find a Murshid e Kaamil with the barakaat of this Durood Shareef
If any person who is imprisoned or is in any kind of prison, reads this in excess, will gain his/her freedom back. If any person reads or recites this Durood Shareef with the niyyah/intention of gaining health from illness then he/she will become hale and healthy.

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