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The Khmer Smart Compass or Trey Visay app is like a real compass. It can be used for navigation, location and direction.

The Trey Visay app can detect metal around you. A high level of interference from metal represented by high magnetic strength in red color or in yellow color leads to inaccuracy of the compass. You need to calibrate your phone by rotating in 8 figure direction. The normal magnetic strength in dark green color is around 49 micro-Tesla (uT).

You can use the Trey Visay compass app to get current speed of your driving, biking, or boating. Speed unit is MPH or KPH.

Magnetic sensor is important for a compass to work. If you device doesn't support the magnetic sensor, the "No magnetometer" message displays. The accurate compass can work without magnetic sensor but only while you are traveling.

Trey Visay - Khmer Compass Features:

1. Accurate compass
2. Magnetic strength
3. Sensors accuracy
4. Current address & Google Map
5. Share current location
6. Keep screen on
7. Dim screen
8. Small download size
9. How to calibrate compass

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