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Police Walkie-Talkie Sounds

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General features:
- Animated radio display
- Easy to use, fast and simple interface.
- Supports playing multiple sounds at the same time
- Supports multiple touches
- Great, natural, realistic and lively sounds
- Provides easy volume control (volume increase / decrease)
- Different and customizable theme color options
- Custom visual button animations
- Writable and editable screen
- Real dialing sounds
- HD quality realistic police radio image
- Button to stop all sounds and animation
- Internet access and usage
- Designed for all android devices.
- There are voices that can appeal to every age.
- Download it and enjoy the fun.
- Multiple audio files are available.
- Sounds were recorded from real radios and in English language.

Note (Warning):
This application is not real police radio.
Includes police radio sounds and plays those sounds.
It does not function as a police radio. It is intended for entertainment purposes.
The user is responsible for illegal use. (Please use for entertainment purposes only!)

This app is NOT a general chat video / audio app that allows users to chat with other people.
The POLICE conversations in this application are the voices compiled from the general speech dialogues of the police.

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