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J.I.N.C.S - Just In Case app allows you to store all your secret messages that you want to keep private till your last breath and want the secret messages to be delivered after your demise. This can be anything from messages for the loved ones to passwords for your vault or all your financial details, that will be needed to be passed to the person of your choice. You can record videos, audios or write a text message or upload documents and keep them stored in the safe and secured JINCS app. All you have to do is after recording your messages, choose the contact of the person you want the information to be delivered to and select the login frequency [Daily, Weekly or Monthly]. We will keep track of your login activity and if we find you unavailable on the set login frequency date, first we will notify you (In case you missed it) and then we will release the information to the person you selected. Only the select person will get the unique authentication code to access your message, so you can rest assured - Your secrets are safe with us.

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