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Forex Trading For Beginner features are:-
1. Introduction to Forex Trading
2. How is Forex traded and what is the Basic Terminology used?
3. Forex Trading Session
4. How to Choose a Broker
5. Types of Forex Analysis and Trading
6. Understanding Forex Price Action
7. Trading platform and charting
8. How to Trade Forex successfully
9. Having a successfully trading psychology
10. Building a Trading Plan
11. Professional Price Action Trading Strategies
12. High Probability Ichimoku Trading
13. Pin Bar Strategy and Setup

Successful Forex trading is the result of strategy, discipline and the ability to manage risk. Forex traders venturing into the market without any type of a strategy or plan are often find it difficult to profit or maintain any consistency.

Another thing that traders need to know is that there is no sure way of trading and so if they suffer a loss when they were sure of earning good profits, they should not go into a spiral of anxiety. Try not to define yourself by every trade you make. It is just a small drop in a bucket of hundreds of trades you will make over time. Professional traders are trading and thinking in probabilities, not just what happened on the last trade.

So the best option for successful Forex trading is to develop a sound trading plan based on rational thinking, and adherence to it at all times despite your fears, greed and other emotions. But in addition to this, one must work on building a successful trading psychology.

Hope this app can help you to get better understanding what is Forex Trading all about, then improve your performance in trading.

Pin Bar trading strategy is the profitable and reliable trading strategy. Learn how to identify a valid Pin Bar and how to entry a position using Pin Bar.

Pin Bar, which is short for 'Pinocchio Bar,' is a single candlestick setup that clues price action traders into potential reversals in the market. A pin bar is an elongated wick that 'sticks out' from price action.

Bullish Pin Bar - A good and valid Pin Bar is existed at the end of bearish trends and its lower candle wick goes below the overall price action.

Bearish Pin Bar - Its opposite location with bullish pin bar. The bearish pin bar is existed at the end of a bullish trends and its longer candle wick is the upper area.

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