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Enemy forces are swarming across our border, and their disreputable fleet is everywhere. Select your armored killing machine, modify and upgrade it to get an advantage over the enemy, and hurry to the defense lines to crush him!
Take down the enemies with cannons, bazookas, lasers and other weapons. Fast paced turret action on your smartphone. Get ready and let the battle begin!

*** Warning: This game is extremely addictive.

\t\tFight against different types of artificially intelligent tanks.
\t\tSimple yet Challenging control: Unlock the 2nd turret. Power x 2 ! Fun x 2 !
\t\tDestructive Environment: Knock down walls and buildings.
\t\tVariety of turrets: Unlock and choose a turret that suits you style.
\t\tSpecial items: Power Up, Repair Kit, Armor, Speed and much more.
\t\tUpgrades: Power up your turret with the ability to upgrade its power, armor, speed and much more.
\t\tEarn coins, stars and bonuses to brag about.

9 Powerful Turrets:
\t\tHeavy Cannon: Common yet balanced turret. It has the highest HP.
\t\tHowitzer: Very powerful turret firing grenades.
\t\tHeavy Machine Gun: The attributes are very low. But it has the highest firing rate.
\t\tAssault Cannon: Fire 5 bullets together. But the firing rate is very low.
\t\tAnti-Armor Cannon: Very powerful turret. Its shell can go through the obstacles.
\t\tBazooka: Firing explosive shells with remarkable firing rate.
\t\tElectromagnetic Gun: Hi-tech weapon. It can destroy massive objects.
\t\tFlamethrower: The flamell burn up everything!
\t\tLaser Cannon: Most powerful weapon with extremely long range. Its the nightmare of all enemies.

6 Different Worlds & 60 Challenging stages:
\t\tForest: difficulty is low
\t\tDesert: difficulty is low. Caution: the desert storm will come any time!
\t\tGrass Land: difficulty is medium
\t\tMountain: difficulty is medium
\t\tIce Land: difficulty is high
\t\tVolcano: difficulty is high. Caution: the volcano smoke may cause big trouble to locate the enemies!

You have a line to defend! That's your base, and every enemy wants to across it! To be a good gunner, simply put your finger a little bit under the turret, and it will fire toward the opposite direction! Shoot as much as possible to destroy the enemies and be an excellent turret commander! Practice and enjoy the fun!Every turret have 4 major attributes: Power, Armor, HP and Speed(of projectile). Upgrade them to get advantage in the real battle! Once every attribute reaches MAX, you can level up your turret to a higher level, which means even more power! Remember, this will be the key to defeat the enemy invasion and defend your base!

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