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Exciting platformer Runner Platformer City Foxy will immerse you in the metropolis of adventures. There you need to go through a lot of threats and challenges with the main character Foxy. Foxy got lost in the city and is needing to come quickly back to her children in the forest. Game adventures will give you plenty of positive emotions.

Game features:

  • Runner Platformer City Foxy is an adventure runner game;

  • Play offline;

  • Urban dangers, jaunty music, beautiful sceneries;

  • Fascinating fox adventures in the city;

  • Foxy homecoming and threats of the metropolis;

  • 15 challenging city levels to come home to the children.

Foxy needs help to collect as many diamonds as possible and complete all levels of the game. To open the wicket at the end of each level, you need to find a key, that is on this level. You can pass the level if not to encounter evil dogs, not fall into the water or pits. Also, avoid spiders, flying birds and lots of other hurdles. You need to be extremely attentive making difficult leaps over trees, boxes, moving platforms not to stumble upon one of the obstacles.

Foxy has 3 lives at the beginning of the game. You can come across apples at levels that can be collected to make up for part of the main character's health. This will help extend your life and enjoy the exciting game adventures.

Foxy also able to kill enemy, jumping on top of him. In some levels of the interesting platformer, you can find an extra life, which will definitely come in handy during the game. Another nice game detail is the save points as lanterns that light up when you pass them and which automatically save your position. After foxy loses a part of life, she will automatically appear near the lantern, last passed at the level. The platform-adventure game difficulty increases each level completed. You have to pass more and more obstacles, while save points will be fewer.

Controlling the hero is very simple: there are buttons at the bottom of the screen that will help Foxy to run and jump, overcoming hurdles. While playing, you will be shown a map that will help you understand how much levels still need to complete in order to get home to Foxy's childes. The game has pleasant music and accompanying sounds, making the game more engaging. Sounds and music can be turned off, if necessary.

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