Cards Matching games. Find pairs, improve memory.

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Do you like memo games? Looking for a fun way for a brain training and a way to improve your memory? Check out Cards Matching - classic matching memory games.

If yes You like Cards Matching: matching memory games. A puzzle game where You need to look for pairs connections and have fun while doing it. This is a funny classic memory game for everyone with beautiful, colorful, and funny images.
Train Your memory with this brain training app.

You can customize how the game looks depends on your preferences.\xa0
You can choose one of the multiple different colorful backgrounds. It's up to You to choose Your favorite one. Do you want to find cards in the sky? It's possible, or maybe You like to do it on the beach? It's also possible.\xa0
There is also a possibility to change how the reverse of the card looks. Do You like just simple, colors - it's there, or maybe you want to make it appears as wooden tiles? It's possible too. There are more graphics to use, don't wait and check them all.
Moreover, You can also change the music which is playing and there are four different tracks. Find your favorite one.

Some backgrounds and graphics on the reverse of the card are available from the beginning, some need to be unlocked. You can do it by collecting coins by winning the game. Match cards, make fewer errors and have a better time for more coins.

Cards Matching can help not only with memory skills but also with your reflexes and speed thinking as there are five different game modes.\xa0

One is standard where you have unlimited time but by faster matching pairs you get more points. It's ideal for casual playing when you want to relax a bit or just train Your memory.
The second is a time attack where time is limited each has its ranking. Similar to standard, but you need to be fast, as time is limited.\xa0

The third is swap mode - every time you made a mistake in finding pairs the card will swap its places. It's funny but challenging.\xa0

The fourth is the combination of swap mode and time attack. You not only must be fast but also concentrated. Stay focused.

The last one is remember mode where the cards are reversed at the start and you have limited tries to find all pairs. The good focus at the start is here a key to success.

Check it all and find Your favorite one, so You can become the champion in it (or in everyone, you can do it).\xa0

Each card you find in a winning game is stored in your collections. There are more than 500 cards to unlock.\xa0
With a diversity of board sizes, you can play it when you dont have much time, but its also suitable for longer game sessions.\xa0
With the leaderboard system build-in, you can aim to be the best player in each mode and with the achievement system, you are rewarded for your progress. (note that achievements and leaderboard needs you to be signed in)\xa0

Like in a good memo game you can choose from multiple various card categories. Find your favorite one ale let colorful images on them help improve your memory.
Available categories:
\xa0- Cartoon Animals
\xa0- Emoji
\xa0- Vehicles
\xa0- Buildings
\xa0- Sweets
\xa0- Vegetables
\xa0- Fruits
- People

How to play and rules:
- Find two same cards on the game board.
- Match the pairs.
- Depends on Your settings matched cards are deleted from the board or stays revealed.
- Finish the game level by matching all the cards on the board.
- Depends on the game mode, there can be additional effects after trying to connect different cards, or You have limited time.

Key features:
- 9 different categories
- 2 game modes
- 500+ cards to collect
- Local and global rankings
- Achievements
- Multiple game difficulties
- Four different music to be played in the background

Dont hesitate and check now how good you are at finding pairs. Match them having fun, found them all, and be the best player. Remember that brain training is good at any age, it can be fun and a good memory is a key to success.

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